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I was sitting in a coffee house the other day and just looked at people as they came and left. My coffee turned cold because I was fascinated by all the different faces and styles I got to see.
Each one had it’s own style. Women, Men, kids and even the elderly. Then I realized..
The clothes we wear every morning, are a reflection of who we are and what we feel.

Dress yourself happy

This is actually very simple. You can lift your mood when feeling down, by wearing happy clothes, which is also called dopamine dressing.
But when I say happy clothes, I don’t mean crazy colors (although it could be nice) or prints of smiling faces . Happiness is a choice. You get to decide which clothes makes you feel better and what they mean to you. Clothes don’t have to be in bright yellow or with red flowers on it. The only thing that matters is what you believe is its’ symbolic meaning.

Confidence is the secret

Wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. When you feel confident, it shows, and people feel it too. You don’t have to be up to date with fashion trends, as long as you love what you wear and it makes you feel good.

Some women feel confident wearing clothes with strong colors, while others prefer wearing black. Same goes with dress length, sleeves and slogan prints. When you wear clothes that make you feel happy, you know. So don’t ignore that feeling, even if people around you don’t understand why. Simply wear what you love.

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