Our trip to Croatia & Slovenia – Part 1

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The holiday season is the perfect time to take a break from work and go for a nice vacation overseas. My husband and I thought about different kind of places around the world as we searched for our next traveling destination. Croatia and Slovenia were the perfect choice for nature lovers like us.

We landed at night time in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia,  which we decided to explore at the end of our trip. In the morning , we drove all the way to beautiful Ljubljana. We discovered a small, sweet and super stylish city with great coffee (and cakes) and beautiful atmosphere. I was charmed from all the stylish women wearing clothes that really made me happy and festive.

After a short walk in the city and a big slice of nice Pizza, we continued our driving towards Logarska Dolina valley. The road was curvy but beautiful. As we were driving at the mountain view, along the clear water of the river, I felt I can really relax. We arrived to Solvaca town and spend the night in a lovely farm house.

The morning view from our balcony was amazing. All green and mountainous and the river sound was so relaxing. After a great breakfast, we drove to the valley for our first mountain trek. We hiked to the Rinka fall and continued hiking in a wonderful path, which was not easy but totally worth it. At the top of the mountain we felt a great satisfaction and of course hiking down was a peace of cake.

At the evening we decided to eat in a larger town near by with more than one open restaurant, just to feel we are not completely alone in this beautiful place. We drove shortly to Luc’e, and just as we set down, it started raining! it was actually very romantic. We ordered a vegetable soup and enjoyed our time together.


After two nights, we left the valley and drove all the way to lake Bled. The rain was very heavy when we arrived and we didn’t get to do much at that day. We walked with our best rain proof clothes and shoes to Lake Bled which was beautiful even when the sun wasn’t out. In the evening, we went to a local restaurant that serves traditional food that was really good. The next days were very sunny and perfect for travelling. The natural view was amazing, so peaceful and quite. We both decided that the most beautiful lake we saw was Bohinj, pure magic.


Of course we didn’t miss the famous creme cake of Slovenia. We spend 3 nights at Bled and continued our journey towards Vrsic pass…

Our trip to Croatia and Slovenia part 2 

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