How to make your summer clothes ready for fall?

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If you’re not a new collection shopper, you will probably want to know how to use your summer clothes for any type of weather, especially when all items in the stores are winter oriented while it’s still quite hot outside. Well, fall is the perfect time to be creative with your style and wear what you love. So here are three tips to get your summer clothes ready for fall.

Layer up

All of your summer tops and dresses can be worn perfectly with a jacket on top. It’s a great way to be prepared for any weather (or office temperature) and look sophisticated and unique.


Kimonos are not just for Japanese people 

A cover up kimono is a wonderful item you can put on any outfit. It will upgrade your look in a minute and keep you warm whenever the weather becomes cooler.


Accessorize your feet

It’s time to take your socks out of the closet. They say the human body’s temperature is affected by your feet, so you will want to keep them warm and cozy. Wear shorts and skirts with sneakers and add stylish socks to create a perfect fall look.

Another thing you can do is wear a maxi dress with boots or sneakers. This will easily make your dress ‘fall ready’.


Until winter comes, you have some time to wear your summer clothes in fall mode and feel amazing everyday with a new look.

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