What to wear this wedding season?

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Wedding season is here and you received an invite! No matter who are the happy bride and groom, you’ll want to look your best.

I really like weddings, it’s the ultimate way to celebrate love and romance while surrounded by people you love most. The music is great, the food is delicious and people are smiling. So you’re probably wondering – what should you wear?

You can never go wrong with the little black dress

It doesn’t have to be little at all. The black dress is classic and flattering, and will fit great no matter what. I recommend to go with a unique, detailed black dress. If you choose the simple black dress, try adding your own touch by matching a purse or shoes with interesting colors. 

Keep it classic

Weddings are kind of formal events. Although they’re usually bound with great parties, you’ll want to look as classic as you can. Don’t wear your prom dress and make sure to not choose your night club outfit. I would go with a sleeved maxi dress that has an elegant, flattering pattern.

Be bold and chick

Being classic doesn’t necessarily mean being boring. You can wear a specially designed dress with bold colors and unique prints, and feel as special as you want. This way there’s little chance you’ll come across someone who wears exactly what you wear, or tells you she has the same drees in her closet and chose not to wear it.

Stay comfortable

Weddings tend to last a few intensive hours for the least. You’ll be on your feet for quite a long time, especially on the dance floor. Choose a dress that you feel comfortable with. Your shoes play an important role too. But, you can always carry flip flops to get extra comfortable, just in case.

Be yourself

If you wish to really have fun, you’ll need to choose an outfit that best describes who you are. It should be comfortable, beautiful, classic and unique – because you are the one who is wearing it.

Happy wedding season!

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