About Us





Mari, also known as Miryam, was born in 1908 in Iraq and passed away in 1997. She was a talented designer who created stylish dresses for all women in her community, while providing and caring for her family.


Leoni, also known as Liora, was born in 1936 in South Africa and passed away in 2013. She was a strong, independed and powerful woman, a true fashion lover with a closet stacked with uniuqe designer pieces.

The Designer

Moran Cohen Tedeschi is a fashion designer based in Netanya, Israel. A proud grandoughter of Miryam and Liora and the founder of Mari & Leoni, which is named after them and in their memory. 

"Fashion was always in my heart and mind. Even when I was doing other things, working in different jobs, I knew that fashion is my true destiny. I started to sew at the age of 15 and still acquiring new skills every day. This was and remains a wonderful and inspiring journey."

The Collection

Mari & Leoni Fashion House is where you'll find beautifully designed items made of the finest fabrics, offered in a variety of colors and prints.

Some items are specifically made per order, others are ready to ship. Every item is made with much love and care, bringing you the best of us to give you a glimpse to your true self.