About us

Mari & Leoni was founded in 2017 with a clear mission: to empower women with confidence and make them happy through stylish, well-fitted, and quality handmade clothing. Founded and designed by Moran Cohen Tedeschi, this fashion brand uses the best fabrics and the highest standards in craftsmanship, creating beautiful and unique garments that can be tailored to each individual’s taste and size. With their namesakes inspired by Moran’s two grandmothers, Mari and Leoni have been a source of motivation and a reminder of feminine strength for all those seeking chic style without sacrificing comfort. The pieces created at Mari & Leoni can be proudly worn to the office, at a party or in the comfort of one's own home.


Mari, also known as Miryam, was born in 1908 in Iraq, a time where opportunities for women were limited. Her parents, wanting to keep her safe, chose not to send her to school and instead she studied sewing in the safety of her home. Mari proved to be a talented dressmaker, using her sewing to empower herself and those around her. Despite limited resources and few female role models, Mari was an incredibly strong and determined woman who used her talent to overcome barriers and live a full and meaningful life.


Leoni, also known as Liora, was a fashionable trendsetter, who wasn't afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd. She was born in South Africa in 1936 and has always had a deep appreciation for fashion and personal style. Leoni was a determined and powerful woman who never gave up on her dreams, even in times when she faced great obstacles . She inspired people with her determination to fight for what she wanted and believed in. Her passion for fashion has been passed on to generations after her.